THREAD ROLLING DIE - grinding type

THREAD ROLLING DIE - grinding type

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Product ID: Die-01



     The superior tool steel is a very important element of thread rolling dies. SKD11 (JIS) and 1.2379 (DIN) are the named raw material which we have chosen for the past years.  The blank of thread rollingd ies are heat treated by Japanese TECHNO vaccum & oil quenching furnace by heat treating dep. (TOYOGEN INDUSTRIAL CO.,)  It will render the higher rigidity and higher wear-resistance of thread rolling dies.

     After the heat tratment progress, the thread rolling dies are ground by Swiss REISHAUER thread grinding machines.  And another progress of tempering to reduce the grinding stress is necessary for thread rolling dies.   The thread rolling dies are ready for sale after the quality exam.  The good quality of thread rolling dies is able to offer higher precision, longer working life, and reduced the cost to customers. 

     We also produce the thread rollingd ies for other brands thread rolling machines.  Your special specifications and requirements are very welcomed. 


The thread grinding progress - by Swiss Reishauer thread grinding machine

*Our heat treatment factory:
( Japanese TECHNO vaccum & oil quenching furnace)